Rebranding Of AluSplash

Telling a brand story

To support the growth of the brand, I refreshed AluSplash existing branding and marketing collaterals.
I have analysed how the brand is positioned compared to its competitors and what it wants to communicate to its target audience. It is a brand that aspires to build an emotional connection with the consumers and build a positive community within the home improvement market. I realised how the family is the centre for AluSplash branding strategy.

Based on my findings and to help guide my design decisions, I carved two personas: an end-consumer and a designer/carpenter.

I’ve refreshed the look and feel, giving it a more modern look: clean, white, airy and on-trend. I’ve utilised a mix of stunning real-life imagery and colourful geometric graphics that portray the collection’s vast colour selection.

Rather than marketing the product, the value proposition focused on “how AluSplash can solve a problem.” This was communicated by compelling storytelling and connected across all touchpoints throughout the customer journey.

My Responsibilities

  • Prepare surveys to collect relevant information
  • Interview designers and contractors already using the product to assess needs and pain points
  • Define target audience and compile customer personas
  • Ensure a look consistent throughout all AluSplash collaterals
  • Revamp the website


  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Brochures
  • Video cards
  • Sample box
  • Website
  • Social media channels
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