About Me

I found my calling and life passion while pursuing my Master’s Degree in Business Economics and Finance. Now, marketing envelops my professional life, and I’m focusing my skills and knowledge on delivering great projects and helping customers succeed.

One of my first marketing roles was in the Fashion Capital as a Marketing Coordinator for a music production studio. Here I focused on social and digital media and it was a tremendous learning experience.

As my work progressed, my interest and experience in web design and brand management developed, and I began researching and exploring new areas of marketing.

In 2016, I moved to Melbourne as an Account Executive for a branding & communications agency. The experience was invaluable, and I worked with many brilliant and creative people.

I was immersed in the creative process of launching a new project into the market from the ground up. I developed slick strategies for my clients (mainly real estate developers) to engage audiences across many touch-points, from traditional to social to experiential.

As my career expanded, I joined the internal marketing team of Signature Floors, a renowned flooring company in Australia.

You could say that my love for interiors and design started on the first floor (!) and expanded to all things relating to design, texture, and colour. I had the pleasure of coordinating all marketing activities for the company. It was especially exciting to be instrumental in bringing to market new residential and commercial collections.

Ready for the next challenge in 2019, I moved to Singapore, where I joined AluSplash (a kitchen backsplash & interior wall panel manufacturer) as a Digital Marketing Strategy and Branding Expert.
Here, I developed strategies to build brand awareness among existing markets, as well as introducing the brand to new markets. I also work with clients to design niche-oriented products that enabled the company to meet the needs of target audiences and increase sales.

Continuing my journey, I am currently the Regional Marketing Manager at BMT, an international engineering and science consultancy. In this role, I lead the regional marketing function within the commercial market sector, supporting profitable business growth and strengthening the brand in the APAC region through strategic marketing and communications initiatives.

The most effective marketing requires passion, understanding, tactical and data-driven approaches, and careful analysis during every campaign. That’s what I’m pleased to bring to every project.

Fun facts

I love capturing the beauty of the works through my camera

I need 3 alarms to get out of bed in the morning

Reading novels is my ultimate relaxation

In my free time I like riding my bike and being in nature

I work out every morning… or at least I try!

I end up buying new shoes every time I go on holiday

There’s something about the thrill of exploration that sets my heart racing

I couldn’t live without my espresso