Essenza Video

A distinctive approach to branding

Essenza is a modern and trendy backsplash collection specifically developed to capture the attention of high-end kitchen manufacturers and distributors.
My team and I proposed the galaxy concept because of the product’s unique texture and resemblance to the surfaces of the moon and planets.
The name Essenza (the Italian word for “Essence”) is a reference to the space mysterious nature.

I wanted something extraordinary so that people could truly feel the charm of this collection.
I took a bold approach with the choice of the models to represent the constellations and their colours.
Stunning photography and a unique, highly aspirational brand story were the core attributes that supported the delivery of the marketing strategy.

The brand positioning, visual identity, and creative outputs convey the luxury touch Essenza can bring to any home while also emphasizing the product’s major USPs.
The feedback we received on our Essenza video was overwhelmingly positive.

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