Social Media Strategy

As part of the branding campaign to increase awareness of AluSplash, I had to define a new social media strategy.

I started defining goals:

  • Grow our brand’s audience;
  • Increase community engagement;
  • Increase web traffic.

Then, I researched the target audience and studied their preferences. After doing a competitive analysis and studying the industry average, I set specific objectives and defined our metrics.

Once I allocated the budget to every item, I identified what content was suitable for each channel and created a plan for my team to implement.

The strategy included working with social media influencers in the home improvement industry on Instagram to collaborate posts and increase brand awareness. We used competitions for homeowners and installers to increase engagement and collect real kitchen photography to inspire potential customers and showcase the product.
Collaborating with Press and Publications in the UK helped attract business and customer attention, which increased following and site visits.

Key Achievements

With effective control and fine-tuning of the strategy over time, we could achieve:

  • + 40% followers
  • +12% engagement rate
  • +60% traffic to the website
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