The Different Cultures of Leadership

by Stefania Croci • June 30, 2017

Cultural differences in leadership styles often create unexpected misunderstandings. Americans, for example, are used to thinking of the Japanese as hierarchical while considering themselves egalitarian. Yet the Japanese find Americans confusing to deal with. Although American bosses are outwardly egalitarian—encouraging subordinates to use first names and to speak up in meetings—they seem to the Japanese […]

10 Ways to Connect With Absolutely Anyone You Meet

by Stefania Croci • June 11, 2017

Meeting people and winning their trust is essential to business success and life success. We are innately social creatures, hardwired to seek each other out and profoundly shaped by our relationships and alliances. Our ability to empathize, relate to one another and communicate our thoughts and ideas is what sets us apart and makes us […]