70’s Retro




Seventies are back and the colour choices are a reflection of the current mood. Throughout the next year we will see mature and earthy colour choices.

In the colder spectrum we will see trends of sage green to light blue and in the warmer side we will see an increase of burnt orange and mustard yellow.

This retro trend can also be seen in other details, from the use of patterns in walls to design features such as metallic finishes and furniture with more rounded forms.

A key trend to keep in mind is the use of geometric forms and design products with influences from earlier movements such as Art Deco.

90’s Urban





The urban feel is appealing to the generation Y that is now owning their own homes and missing their childhood staples.

All of the decorations that they once had at their parents houses feels like home but with a twist.

So think, vibrant bright colours, asymmetrical and geometric shaped furniture, and lots of funky patterns. We are going to see more art decorated walls, including watercolours, hand painted walls and wallpaper murals.

LED lights, botanicals and lots of natural wood, from structural fittings to cabinetry. This trend won’t stop at anything.

As we move in to a  more socially connected generation with an eye for Instagram-like spaces, we will see interior take advantage of these micro-trends to transform the space around them.


The desire to feel the outside while we are still inside our walls has grown, not only as a luxury but as a necessity. An increasing need to bring nature indoors has helped to create a wellness mood, choosing conscious and sustainable elements, such as wood, stone, bamboo among other.

Using organic materials gives us the ability to reconnect and increase our wellness. The use of organic materials will improve our over-all wellbeing, and has been proved to reduce mental fatigue and improve our attention and focus.


Minimalism is an ever green trend, however it has become more prevalent than ever to give attention to the essential forms and elements, while also keeping an unexpected element to interiors.

The key elements should be detailed oriented and high quality. Furniture and accessories will have a touch of luxury, focussing on purer materials with colder finishes such as tone, metals and brass are favourites to help complement this trend.

This “less is more” approach is what makes it attractive and enables us to create spaces with attitude and a more curated feel.

Make choices based on what will elevate what you already have and what will actually make sense for you.

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